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The Best (And Only) Gift Lists You’ll Ever Need


If you’re searching for the perfect gift, you’ll find it here. Our gift lists include ideas that people actually want and will really use. We love supporting small businesses and companies that give back to important causes, and we also love Amazon Prime when you need a last-minute gift. Happy online shopping!

2021 Gift Guides

Best gifts for teenagers

best gifts for teenage girl

Gift Guide: Gifts That Give Back For Everyone On Your List

The only thing better than finding the perfect gift is the perfect gift that gives back. Whether you’re shopping for babies, kids, tweens, teens, aunts, uncles, siblings, moms, dads or grandparents, you’ll find great gift ideas under $50 for everyone on your list. These affordable and meaningful gifts support charities in the US and around the world.

26 Experience Gifts for Families With Enough Stuff

As the holiday gift planning and buying season approaches, do you want to avoid adding more of the same “stuff” to your house? Here’s the ultimate guide of 26 experience gift ideas for families that come with the added bonus of values that last far beyond traditional gifts. 

Best Gifts for Tween & Teen Boys

Finding gifts for tween and teen boys that don’t contribute to more time in front of screens can be a challenge. But there are some cool things out there. I looked back at gifts my sons received over the last couple of years that were slam dunks, and threw in some of their current wish-list items.

Best Board Games for Tweens and Teens

I attended a PTA meeting last year and listened to two sixth grade teachers give a proposal for a $500 grant to buy board games for their classrooms. I come from a family that loves and plays lots of games, and I was still amazed at what they shared and how much sense it made. They explained that reading and comprehension are closely tied to how much you WANT and NEED to understand what you’re reading – and if you want to play a game, you want and need to understand the directions. They also talked about other skills board games can teach kids: cooperation, strategy, patience, sportsmanship. They got the grant. I asked my almost-12-year-old son to talk to his friends and come up with the Top 10 list below!

Best Eighth Grade Graduation Gifts

Finding the perfect 8th grade graduation gift isn’t easy! We rounded up the best middle school graduation gift ideas from over 3,000 moms of tweens and teens. Celebrate the 8th graders in your life with a gift they’re guaranteed to love.

9 Simply Ways to Show Your Teacher Appreciation (With Ideas for Teacher Thank You Gifts)

Teacher thank you gifts are a great way to say thanks  – and we have some ideas for teacher appreciation gifts below – but we also have suggestions beyond gifts! (This list can also apply to coaches, counselors and others who are mentoring your kids.) If we want the best for our kids, we need to give our best to their teachers.

Top 10 Holiday Tees for Teachers

Every teacher needs a cute holiday tee to make it through the last few weeks before break! We gathered our 10 favorite holiday graphic tees for teachers. You’re sure to find a favorite in these Christmas, holiday, snow day and winter break t-shirts! 

Top 10 Gifts for Dads

Dads might be among the most difficult people to buy for, and we want to show them some love and appreciation! So we’ve got new ideas we think you’ll like. Most of these ideas will translate whether you’re buying for your dad, your father-in-law or your husband.

Top 10 Gifts for Grads

Meaningful gift ideas are right up our alley, so this list of Top 10 Gifts for Grads includes ideas that are both unique and useful. We teach at a university. This means we hear about the very best and worst gift ideas for graduates.

Top 10 Amazon Prime Items Your Kitchen Needs Right Now

We love Amazon Prime! And we love anything that helps us save time, save money or be more organized in the kitchen. So here’s our Top 10 list of kitchen tools that can start making your life better in just 2 short days with free shipping. 

Thoughtful Giving: The Best Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts

Below is our list of the best personalized Mother’s Day gifts, which includes the following categories: Personalized (many are customizable) gifts for mom, gifts that give back for moms who support a cause, local gifts for Columbus/Ohio moms

Top 10 Books I Still Remember Years Later

If you love to read, there are likely some books you’ve read over the years that just stick with you. They’re the books that come to mind when someone is looking for her next book and asks you for a recommendation or a favorite. Here are the Top 10 books that for whatever reason jump into my head when people ask me for suggestions.

Top 10 Must-Read Books for Working Moms

Working moms already have a lot to juggle, which is exactly why these books should be at the top of your reading list. These are some of our favorites because these best-selling authors have helped us change our mindset, manage our responsibilities at work and home, and prioritize what matters most. 

Top 10 Funniest Graphic Tees for Moms

Graphic tees are more popular than ever, and it’s easy to understand why: they’re fun, really comfortable and soooooo soft. We rounded up some of the funniest tees for moms from Etsy shop owners because we love to shop small and support small businesses! Every shirt comes in a variety of colors.

36 Affordable and Meaningful Gifts That Give Back

Introducing you to brands with a social mission is one of our favorite things to do! As a brand that gives back to partner nonprofits, we love to shine a spotlight on companies that are working hard to make the world a better place in so many different ways. As the holiday shopping season officially kicks off, we created the ultimate list of gifts that give back! You’ll find many different causes to support along with a variety of gift ideas for everyone on your list. And the best part is that everything on the list is $50 or less!

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