SALT effect


Want to make a difference in the world and raise kids who do the same?

Tips, resources and humor straight from two teacher moms who make it easier for your family to carve out time to learn and serve in powerful ways.


Each box provides practical ways for my family to show compassion towards others. A great way to give back and serve together!

Sharon Radcliff

Great way to introduce service learning to your family in a quick, easy and insightful way. Makes giving back a no-brainer and makes educating your kids and family about worthy causes a breeze.

Kaylea Annen

I was so excited when my second SALT effect box came! It's awesome being reminded of easy ways to serve with your family.

Alyson Moses

Blog posts

How to Simplify Christmas – Traditions to Stop Doing

How to Simplify Christmas – Traditions to Stop Doing

We love traditions. But traditions do come at a cost: your time and effort. Add too many cherished family traditions and the scales can tip in an unhealthy direction. So we’ve compiled a list of traditions to stop doing to simplify Christmas. For some of these, you may just opt to scale back rather than stop. You may choose a few traditions to skip just for one year. And others might come to a permanent halt.

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The Secret to Contentment in a Season of Selfishness

The Secret to Contentment in a Season of Selfishness

I find it slightly ironic that the season of thanksgiving and gratitude is directly followed by the season of “I want” and “Can I have.” I find it more ironic still that the key to a less selfish holiday season is right in front of us if we’re intentional about taking hold. I’ll tell you what it is, and just in case you aren’t wowed right out of the box, I’ll build a strong defense for why it carries so much more weight than you realize. Then I’ll dig into four ways you can put it into action for a more content holiday season in your home.

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