Best Gifts for Teacher Moms in 2024

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This curated gift list is our thank you to teacher moms who are balancing careers and families they love. The best gift ideas for a teacher mom are fun, creative and personalized. Make her smile or even laugh with presents from small businesses. Check out our favorite Christmas, birthday, Mother’s Day and Teacher Appreciation gifts for teacher moms!

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Inspirational Teacher Shirts

We created these tees for our fellow teachers. We love our students and work to foster a sense of belonging and community in our classrooms, one smiley face at a time.

"I'm Glad You're Here Today" Smiley Tee for Teachers
Her new favorite way to greet students without saying a word! One (super soft) tee can make every student feel seen and valued the moment they step into her classroom. Choose from 12 colors.
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Custom "I'm Glad You're Here Today" Smiley Tee for Teachers
Make the smiley tee even more personal with her school name
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Insulated Tumblers

Because caffeine is everything for teachers, you really can’t go wrong with anything that will hold hot or cold drinks. It will always be one of the best gifts for teachers.

Frostbuddy | To Go Insulated Tumbler

I have one and absolutely love it! If she picks up iced drinks on her way to work, give her this tumbler and she'll love you forever. Drop in any size to-go cup and it will stay cold all day long.

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YETI Rambler
My niece teaches and loves her Yeti, especially with the straw lid.
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Mother’s Day Quencher

She'll love this pretty design from Stanley's exclusive Mother's Day Collection! It also comes in sorbet and blue tropic.

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Teacher Tumbler Name Tag

A fun way to personalize her tumbler!

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Fun Glasses

These glasses are my newest obsession. It’s a perfect gift for teachers because her students will love seeing new colors and designs.

Choose a base frame (mine are black) and then have fun with all the toppers. Not pictured: my sunglasses topper – no need for a pair of prescription sunglasses!

Pair Eyewear: Customizable Glasses and Sunglasses

Choose a base frame (mine are black) and then have fun with all the toppers! The choices are endless and her students will love them.

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Classroom Signs

Teachers are the most patient and encouraging people in the world. They know how to get the most out of their students to help them reach their potential.

Personalized Teacher Name Sign

This classroom sign is a perfect gift for teacher moms to welcome kids! You can personalize it and choose from two pretty color palettes.

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Framed “Before You Leave This Class” Sign

This beautiful sign is perfect for her classroom if she sees students in person or for her home office if she teaches online. Choose from 5 pretty colors for the frame. 

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Gift Cards

I know a gift card doesn’t seem as personal, but trust us. These gift card ideas are a perfect mother’s day gift for teachers.

Stitch Fix Gift Card
We're both teachers and we LOVE Stitch Fix. At this point, I'm pretty sure most of our wardrobes are from clothes that have been delivered straight to our doorstep. Everything fits, every time. It's magic!
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Reading Gifts

I mean, can you even be a teacher and not love to read? Even if she has to wait until summer to have time to read, she’ll love these thoughtful gifts.

Audible Premium Plus
I love my Audible subscription! She can listen to audiobooks and podcasts on her way to work or play them for her classes. Much more entertaining than many of the free audio options for novels and plays! (Her students will thank you.)
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Custom Book Embosser

This is a stunning gift idea for the teacher mom who is always sharing her books.

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Personalized Book Rest

A book placeholder stand is a popular gift for readers. We love this one because there's a spot for a mug and a pen or pencil. It even has a drawer for glasses or a phone, plus a ledge to prop a tablet.

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Fun Gift Ideas

Seed Sampler Box
We've planted seed paper and flowers from Plantables and Paper. Their products are high quality and really unique! This sampler box has wildflower and herb seed bombs.
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Wine Gift Bag
Maybe she likes to unwind with a glass of wine after a long day (or week or month) of teaching. Choose from several cute bags as the perfect way to gift her favorite wine!
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Personalized Name Stickers
Stickers are everywhere and we love these customized name stickers! Perfect for her laptop, water bottle, binder...or anything in her classroom that she doesn't want to lose.
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