Best Gifts for Teacher Moms in 2023

This curated gift list is our thank you to teacher moms who are balancing careers and families they love. The best gift ideas for a teacher mom are fun, creative and personalized. Make her smile or even laugh with presents from small businesses. Check out our favorite Christmas, birthday, Mother’s Day and Teacher Appreciation gifts for teacher moms!

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1. Inspirational Teacher Tee

If this doesn’t say it all about teachers, I don’t know what does. The lives of all the kids in her classroom (and especially the kids at home) are always worth her time.

White graphic tee flat lay next to Starbucks cup and denim jacket. Graphic covers the shirt: half of a sunflower in brown tones next to words that say "I became a teacher because your life is worth my time"

2. Teacher Classroom Sign

Teachers are the most patient and encouraging people in the world. They know how to get the most out of their students to help them reach their potential. This classroom sign is a perfect gift for teacher moms to welcome kids! You can personalize it and choose from two pretty color palettes.

4 sizes and colors of framed teacher classroom signs. Each sign says "When you enter Mr./Ms./Mrs. classroom, you are authors, important, leaders, thinkers, explorers, creators, readers, a friend, loved. You are the reason we are here!"

3. Ornament

COVID-19 will be a distant memory someday, but an ornament will be a reminder of how hard she worked to make sure her students kept learning. You can personalize the other side–plus it comes with a free gift box and free shipping!

2020 Teacher Appreciation Gift | PERSONALIZED | I will teach you in a room I will teach you now on Zoom | Custom Teacher Gift | Back School - SALT effect - Teacher Mom Mother's Day Gift Guide 2020

4. Seed Paper or Sunflower Seed Bombs 

An elementary school teacher or a teacher with young kids would love the Hungry Caterpillar wildflower seed bombs. The seed paper apples would be a fun thing for a teacher mom to plant or send to her students. We love the quality of the unique products from Plantables and Paper!

seed paper in the shape of apples arranged in a circle to showcase different colors. Red apple seed paper for teachers in the center
yellow sun seed paper and 10 yellow seed bombs inside a white gauze bag with a tag that says "a pocket full of sunshine"

5. Large Mug

This 15 ounce mug made me laugh and it’s a little different from typical teacher mugs. It’s also from an Ohio small business that offers free shipping! Available in a left-handed or right-handed mug. We know teachers get a lot of mugs, but teacher moms need plenty of caffeine! Add a gift card to a local coffee shop to this gift.

White mug that says "well, I'm a teacher so let's just assume I'm right" in black font

6. Wine Gift Bag

Maybe she likes to unwind with a glass of wine after a long day (or week or month) of teaching. Choose from several cute bags as the perfect way to gift her favorite wine!

4 canvas wine gift bags for teachers - "after school supplies" "because teachers can't survive on apples alone" "forget the apples you deserve grapes" and "our child may be the reason you drink so enjoy this bottle on us/"

7. Classroom Sign

This beautiful sign is perfect for her classroom if she sees students in person or for her home office if she teaches online. Choose from 5 pretty colors for the frame. Buyers rave about the quality of products from Simply Stained Shop, a 5-star small business with over 45,000 sales on Etsy!

Gift for teacher moms classroom: Framed saying "Before you leave this class, always remember I love you. You matter. You can do anything. I believe in you.

8. Wish Bracelet

How cute is this bracelet! And it’s inexpensive so you can add it to any other Mother’s Day or teacher appreciation gift. It’s called a wishlet–you’re supposed to make a wish when you tie the bracelet. Choose from over 20 bracelet colors and 40 card designs/sayings!

Thin green cord with a small silver star charm wrapped around a craft card that says "teachers make the world a better place"

9. Graphic Tee

Every teacher mom loves a cute graphic tee! We love all the options from Simply Sage Market: grade levels, holidays, back to school, subject puns and more. We have several shirts from Simply Sage Market–really comfortable, great quality and they wash well!

yellow tee that says "If you can be anything, be kind" in black typewriter font.
navy grade level tee for teacher moms - 5th grade graphic t shirt for teachers

10. Customized Name Sticker

Stickers are everywhere and we love these customized name stickers! Perfect for her laptop, water bottle, binder…or anything in her classroom that she doesn’t want to lose. Choose from 18 icons to personalize her sticker–and if you want an icon that’s not there, just message the seller and she’ll work with you!

Personalized name laptop stickers for teachers. Mrs. Zabukovic with a coffee cup and rainbow. Mrs. Massaro with a rainbow and pennant. Mrs. Phillips with an apple and stack of books. Mrs. Zabukovic with a succulent and coffee cup.

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