75 Christmas Gift Ideas for Tween & Teen Girls (2024 Gift Guide)

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Shop gift ideas straight from tween and teen girls (and their moms)! Everything from the latest trends to classic gifts, board games and books.

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Latest Trends

Every holiday season, a few gift ideas rise to the top of every tween girl’s wish list. These on-trend gifts range from big gifts to stocking stuffers.

Mini Fridge

We know a whole lot of girls asking for a mini fridge so they can store a few sodas and their top beauty products in their room. This one comes in several fun colors and is small enough to be realistic for a bedroom.

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Water Bottles
Don’t be surprised if a water bottle tops the wish list from your tween or teen this year (I swear this is about the third year in a row that we’ve seen a water bottle craze). Below we have the brands that are super hot right now.  

  • The Stanley Quencher is a big wish list item for this year. It comes in all different colors and you can find all kinds of adorable straw cap covers. The straw cap covers also pictured below look like tiny Stanley cups. So cute!
  • Teens are still telling they love Hydro Flask. The wide mouth straw lid is the most popular.
  • S’well is a give back brand and the water bottles come in seemingly endless colors and patterns.
  • We own several Super Sparrow bottles and love that they come with several different lid options. These bottles are a great option at a more reasonable price point.

Yep, the Squishmallow craze continues. Even our college students ask for this plush toy for Christmas and birthdays.

The 16" size is the perfect choice for tween and teen girls because it's big enough to be used as a pillow but small enough to take along for sleepovers.

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Claw Clips

Claw clips are still super popular this holiday season. Why didn't we save save ours from back in the day?!

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UGG Slippers

These UGG slippers were impossible to find last holiday season, and girls from high school to college are telling us they are still the "it" Christmas item. The women's sizes are really hard to find, so the hack we got from our college students is to buy a men's pair - they're exactly the same but WATCH THE SIZE YOU CHOOSE.

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Lululemon Belt Bag

I'm just gonna say it...these bags are totally worth all the hype. I use mine all the time and I see tweens and teens wearing them everywhere I go. There are several colors, but the black and silver are the go-tos. I would stick with that unless your tween or teen specifically requests another color.

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Fuzzy Socks

I think the word of the year this holiday season is COMFORT. These packs of fuzzy socks come in different color combos and look adorable with slippers or boots.

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Vintage Band Tees
Tweens and teens are raiding closets and thrift stores and making requests for vintage band tees from classic rock to metal bands to old school country.

Beauty Products

This is the category of the season. Tweens and teens pay more attention to makeup and skin care than we ever did! And some of these products are pricey, so they’ve been just waiting to put it on a holiday wish list.

Drunk Elephant Skincare Products
The quirky name might deter parents from these products, but this skincare line is really popular with tweens and teens. They’re all about mixing and matching. The bronzing drops and the “littles” gift set were the items teens told us were their top requests.

Sol de Janeiro Beauty Products
This brand is another must-have with teens. They pointed us to these two specific Sol De Janeiro products. The mist comes in lots of different scents.

SOL DE JANEIRO Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

An award-winning body cream that smells like pistachio, salted caramel and vanilla.

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Face Masks
Girls love using face masks and they’re great for sleepovers! She can also have her own spa night at home. We’re partial to these Burt’s Bees facial sheet masks because they’re made with natural ingredients and application is easy. Choose from detoxifying, rejuvenating and several different hydrating scents, including watermelon and cucumber. Great stocking stuffer idea!

Lip Balm
Small items like lip balm never go out of style! Two popular options for a tween or teen gift are have multipacks with different types of flavors.

Choose the fruit mix holiday gift set from Burt’s Bees that comes in a pretty box and is the perfect size for a stocking.

EOS also makes a great lip balm that comes in different flavors and really cute packaging.

Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm Trio

This lip balm trio would be a treat for teens who are really into beauty products who will take good care of nicer makeup.

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Charlotte Tilbury Makeup
This brand is pricey but oh-so-popular, so it would be a specialty gift for a girl who’s really into higher end makeup.

Sephora Gift Card
If you’re not sure exactly what product she wants, a Sephora gift card will let her choose makeup from Charlotte Tilbury, Fenty, Rare Beauty or beauty products from Drunk Elephant, SOL DE JANEIRO or The Ordinary.

e.l.f. beauty products
e.l.f. makes much more affordable versions of many of the top beauty products teens and tweens love. Plenty of TikTok accounts showcase how well these “dupes” look or work.

MONDAY Hair care Smooth Shampoo + Conditioner

My tween asked for these for her birthday. As I stood in an aisle trying to make sure I was getting the right thing, a teen girl asked if they were good because she'd seen them on TikTok. I felt very cool and in-the-know. And now that we've tried them, we really do like them.

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Spa Headbands

Spa headbands let tweens and teen wash and moisturize their faces in style at the start or the end of the day. This set comes with three microfiber headbands.

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Bath Bombs

With so many wish lists focused on beauty and spa products, bath bombs definitely still make this year's list. It's one of those things that are great to restock as a holiday gift.

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Gel Nail Polish Kit with UV Light

This recommendation came right from a high school junior who got a kit last year and loves it. She's a three-season athlete, so these nails must have staying power.

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Technology Gifts

Tweens and teens are part of the digital generation, so gifts ideas for tween girls and teenagers always seem to include some kind of tech. These gifts get pricier, but they are things they will use daily and hopefully keep for years.

blue over the ear headphones sitting on a pink plain background
Apple AirPods Max Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

Apple's AirPods over-ear headphones will definitely pop up on many holiday wish lists this year. Especially for music lovers and teens who feel like they can almost see post-graduation life on the horizon.

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Apple AirPods Pro / Apple AirPods
We invested in AirPods for our teen boys and they’ve been great for road trips and even quiet time at home. Our older son got AirPods Pros, which offer transparency mode so he can listen to music while walking around and still hear traffic or other sounds (we learned that this is the way to go for a kid who might soon be on a college campus). They also offer a better fit for running or working out.

We also learned the hard way that you can replace a single AirPod or AirPod Pro or the case. You need to order through Apple and it’s best to have the serial number for the original pair if possible.

Apple iPad (9th Generation)

It's amazing what we see our students do with their iPads. They jump from doing homework to making detailed drawings to checking their schedules and shooting videos. Then they stream videos to relax. You also can't beat the lightweight portability compared to a laptop.

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Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)

For students who truly use their iPad for homework and other tasks, the Apple pencil will make their work quicker and easier and unlock a whole lot of new potential on the iPad. I can't believe the things I've seen my students do in my college classrooms with an iPad and an Apple pen.

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Watch or Fitness Band
If you’re not sure what watch or fitness band will best meet your tween or teen’s needs, check out our watch buying guide.

Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen)

Apple watches are definitely popular. They help tweens and teens track steps and sleep and stay on top of their to-do lists (when they're not being distracted by their watch.

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Digital Cameras
Digital cameras are back in a big way. If photography is a hobby a teen is seriously looking to pursue and you’re in the market for a bigger ticket item, this could be a gift that lasts for many years. Less expensive models may be a way to test out whether a tween or tween truly has a lasting interest in photography.

Beats Wireless Headphones
If she prefers headphones to ear buds, she’ll love these Beats wireless headphones that have 40 hours of battery life, a foldable design and several color options! If she wants noise cancelling headphones, you’ll need to get the Beats Solo Pro version.

Mini Projector
Project movies, shows and video games onto any flat surface (including the ceiling–which seems to be important to tweens and teens). Kristie’s teen saved up for one and loves it! You can connect to cell phones, computers, Amazon Fire TV StickRoku and more.

Echo Dot
The Echo Dot lets tweens and teens keep in touch with friends and family from a distance, play music, listen to audiobooks and set reminders and alarms. It’s a powerful little bluetooth speaker and we love the digital clock.

Record Player with Built-in Speakers

Vintage is cool. So a record player and a few records for throw-back bands makes for a great gift. Ask family members if they have old records sitting around they are willing to donate to the gift.

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JBL Charge 5 Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Our FAVORITE portable speaker! The sound is incredible and it's waterproof. You can't go wrong with JBL.

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Facebook group with gift ideas for tween and teen boys and good deals on gifts
Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera Bundle

Our girls love to take pictures and hang them from photo clip lights on their walls. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 makes it super easy!

This package gets you the instant camera, a case, photo paper and some fun stickers.

Camera and case available in a few other colors!

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Instax Mini Frames

These acrylic mini frames are the perfect fit for the Instax instant photos. How cute are these?

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Nintendo Switch – OLED Model
Girls also love this gaming system. Grab a few popular games like Mario Kart, and you're sleepover ready.
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JYX Karaoke Machine with 2 Wireless Microphones
For tweens and teens who like to host, this karaoke machine could see years of memories.
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Jewelry Gift Ideas

Kendra Scott Necklace
The Kendra Scott Elisa necklace is a classic that many tweens and teens like to use as their everyday necklace.
Buy from KendraScott.com
Chunky Gold Hoop Earrings

Chunky gold hoop earrings are making a comeback in a big way, and this set offers a range of earrings for teens who want to layer or choose a different pair each day.

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Jewelry Holder, Organizer

This looks pretty on a dresser and keeps necklaces untangled and bracelets and earrings organized.

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14k Gold Nameplate Necklace

This Etsy retailer lets you choose between a sterling silver, 14K gold and rose gold finish for your personalized nameplate necklace. You can also select the length of the chain.

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Lion Latch Jewelry Box Case

This jewelry case was seen on Shark Tank and is SO COOL! This is a perfect gift for student athletes or girls who love to travel and want a safe place to store jewelry.

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Arts & Crafts Gifts

There are lots of gifts for tween girls and gifts for teenage girls that involve supplies to make creative projects or decorations. A craft kit is a fun gift and so much fun to do and display.

hands crocheting a blue craft with yellow and green projects and extra crochet hooks in the background
Double-Sided Highlighter Pens

These highlighter pens are part craft, part organizational tool. One end is a super thin marker pen and the other end is a highlighter. Bring on the journals!

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These simple journals come in different colors and give girls lots of options. They can choose to use it to create a bucket list or make it into a gratitude journal.
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Bracelet Making Beads Kit

Taylor Swift's tour swept the nation this year and the beaded bracelet trend came right along with it. Stock up on beads so tweens and teens can keep creating.

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DIY String Art Kit
DIY kits on Etsy exploded during the pandemic, and the kits have gotten more elaborate and amazing looking from there.
Buy from Etsy.com

Acrylic Paints and Canvases
Whether she’s just beginning or has been painting for a while, she’ll appreciate a set of high quality non-toxic acrylic paints. These paints are one of the most popular gifts in our Facebook group Gifts for Tween and Teen Girls. Pair them with a 6- or 12-pack of canvases.

Sports & Outdoor Gifts

We have some great gift ideas for tween girls and gifts for teenage girls who are active or love to spend time outside. Many of these gifts are things girls can use for many years to come.

feet in Adidas sneakers poking out the bottom of a camping hammock

Camping Hammock with Tree Straps
My daughter got this hammock and it immediately went up between two trees in our backyard. It’s so easy to put up and take down with the tree straps, and you can honestly enclose yourself and take a nap. Our neighbor’s son rigged his up on his back deck, where it stayed for most of the summer. It packs up small and you can’t beat the price at around $30.

Overnight Duffel Bag
Girls need duffels for everything from sleepovers to sports to camp. This one is a good size at a great price, and it comes it lots of color options. It’s made of water resistant fabric to keep everything dry inside (even if the outside gets wet), has a shoe compartment and a pocket on the front and side. 

Inflatable Paddleboard
Kristie’s boys did paddle boarding this summer through our Metroparks and loved it! We know other families who have these inflatable paddleboards–they said you wouldn’t believe it’s inflatable when you stand on it.

Yoga Mat and Sling
Many of our college students practice yoga, so we know a yoga mat would be a great gift for teens. Gaiam has some of the best mats on the market–this one is lightweight, non-slip, nontoxic and comes in lots of colors. It also includes a free downloadable yoga workout to get started. Don’t forget to add the sling so it’s easy to carry.

Roller Blades
Kristie’s tween neighbor loves her roller blades, and Kristie’s son practically lived in them for a few summers. These are a #1 best seller from Amazon for inline skates, and they come in 4 colors.

Facebook group with gift ideas for tween and teen girls

Bedroom Decor Gifts

Teenagers spend lots of time in their rooms. Bedroom decor gifts are hot-selling gifts for tween girls and teenage girls. They don’t want the little kid room anymore, so they’re looking for ways to update their space to feel older and more their style.

Hammock Chair Swing
She can hang this chair in her bedroom or apartment as the perfect place to relax–or put it outside to upgrade an old swingset. The XL size means she’ll have plenty of room to get comfortable! It comes in 3 colors with hanging hardware, a drink holder and a lifetime warranty. 

Egg Chair with Stand

If you're handy and want to anchor an egg chair to the ceiling you can, but the stands make it easy to add this fun chair if your tween or teen has the space.

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Summer Collage Kit or NYC Collage Kit
So many of our students have collage walls. Choose the subject matter and aesthetic and she’ll be able to download the images to print and hang. You can find just about any style, from vibrant colors to mellow neutrals. Trust us–she’ll love it!

Weighted Blanket
Different sources on the weighted blankets say they can be good for restless leg syndrome, restless sleepers in general, ADHD and even anxiety. 

There are a bunch of reviews online if you want a blanket that’s better for a specific purpose (hypoallergenic or good for kids). I want one that has a plush cover that is removable for washing, and this particular blanket got rave reviews with those features. You can also select different weight and size options. It’s on the pricey side at $85, but it’s a full-sized blanket kids can take off to college with them someday.  

Ocean Wave Projector
Our friends’ daughter got this for her 14th birthday and it is a HUGE hit! She and her sister love setting it up for family movie nights.

Wall Tapestry
Our college students use these to decorate dorm rooms and bedrooms. It’s an inexpensive way to bring some color and personality to a room.

Starbucks Gift Card
Nothing completes a comfy room like relaxing with a great drink. Add a Starbucks gift card to your gift and make it extra special by tucking it inside this personalized reusable 24 oz frosted venti coffee cup with straw.

Facebook group with gift ideas for tween and teen girls

Clothing Gifts

Choosing clothes as gifts for tween girls or teenage girls can feel like a risk. But buying brands they love, classic picks like leggings or fun sweatshirts are usually a safe bet.

a pair of flowered paints, sparkly slide shoes, pink sunglasses, a silver purse and a watch lying on a pink and teal background
UGG Classic Ultra Mini

UGG continues to be a top brand. This year's style is the ultra mini, but it still comes in different color options.

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Flare Leggings

Flare leggings are back in style and girls are loving these high-waisted crossover waists. Aerie is a popular brand, but there are plenty of alternatives out there if you're looking to add this basic to her wardrobe.

Buy from Amazon.com
Flowy Petal Shorts

These petal shorts come in all different colors and are flattering on all kinds of body types.

Buy from Amazon.com
Oversized Hoodie

This style looks a lot like the popular scuba hoodie girls are loving. It also comes in 12 color options. Oversized everything is on trend this holiday season.

Buy from Amazon.com
Lululemon Camo Leggings

Lululemon's camo leggings are stealing the show this season. But they come in several different colors of camo, lengths and fits so make sure to do your homework before making this investment.

Buy from Amazon.com
Nike Pro Shorts

My daughter begged for a pair of these Nike Pro shorts. She wore them almost every week with an oversized tee. And they transitioned well from school to practice. A worthwhile purchase.

Buy from Amazon.com
Reflective Lens Round Sunglasses

Rounded and wire-rimmed sunglasses are the request this holiday season.

Buy from Amazon.com
Birkenstock Women's Sandals

Birkenstocks have been around for years, but teens have rediscovered them. From the white plastic to different colors and styles of leather, Birkenstock has won over a new generation of shoppers.

Buy from Amazon.com

Facebook group with gift ideas for tween and teen girls

Even More Gift Ideas

Books are a great gift idea for tween girls or teenage girls. They can help girls navigate the tween and teen years, grow their empathy and know that there are worlds beyond social media and their day-to-day life. Amazon makes it easy for you to gift 3-, 6- or 12-month memberships to Audible, a massive library of audiobooks for tweens and teens who love listening to books.


Gift Cards
Giving a gift card as a gift for tween girls is a solid choice. And did you know that you can get gift cards for a ton of stores on Amazon? You can ship the gift card or share the digital code with the recipient. So easy!


Don’t be fooled into thinking that games don’t make good gifts for tween girls and teenage girls. They still love to play. Just make sure to choose the right toy or game. It a great way to spend time together with friends or as a family.


Experience Gifts
The memories last far longer than “stuff.”


Facebook group with gift ideas for tween and teen girls

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