Cool Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teens [2024]

Stocking stuffers for teens

The best teen stockings hit a strategic mix of fun, affordable and practical items. We’ve got creative ideas for every category. We also have ideas specifically for teen girls and teen boys.

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No matter how old my kids get, I swear the highlight of every Christmas morning is still opening a Christmas stocking. It overshadows even the most perfect gift. Young adults get a more trickier when it comes to stockings, but we’ve got some really fun things as well as useful things that come in small packages perfect for a stocking.

We included some pricier options, but the list has plenty of affordable stocking stuffers to balance it out. Find a couple things you really like and then stop by the store for some of the teen’s favorite candy and maybe a few lottery tickets.

The great thing about card games is that they make for fun family time on Christmas day. They’re also great for teens to throw in their bags for sleepovers or camp.

New lip balm is always a solid choice. Go for something heavy duty like Aquaphor lip repair to protect lips through the winter or pick up a teen’s favorite brand.

If your teen has Gatorade Gx Hydration System water bottles, stick some refill pods in their stocking.

Apple AirTag

Easy to set up and easy to use! When he loses something (because he will), this will help him find it fast.

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Waterproof & Leather Airtag Holders

This 4-pack includes waterproof silicone holders on an easy-to-use key ring.

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There are lots of small gift ideas for new teen drivers. Look for things to help them keep cars clean, organized and safe. Or to add their own style.

A unique pen is a fun stocking stuffer that’s also useful.

Video games cost a bit more, but you can pair one with candy and some other inexpensive items like toiletries.

Look for miniature versions of classic games and toys. These small toys make the teens feel like kids at Christmas.

If you’re looking to include a career book or something that helps teens think about their future, consider Atomic Habits. The NYC Times bestseller just might help teens create habits now that will help them achieve their goals long term.

A USB flash drive can be great for extra storage or sharing files, but make sure your teen is using a laptop that actually has the USB port before you buy this stocking stuffer.

For teens who play winter sports or just like to get out in the colder weather, having a supply of hand warmers ready to go is a must.

You can find all kinds of fun socks online or in local gift shops. Find something uniquely suited to your teen that will make them smile.

All three of my children have received this electric toothbrush as a gift. They were actually asking for it. It’s that good. Get different colors for different kids so they don’t confuse them (because yuck).

There are tons of fidget cubes out there, so keep your eye out for a unique fidget cube if your teen uses these for concentration.

iPhone Fast Charger (USB C to Lightning Cable)

One of the smartest things I've ever done is give everyone in our house their own color for charging blocks and cords. Now mine don't magically disappear! And my kids aren't blaming each other when one goes missing.

Choose from a 2-pack of charging blocks and either 6 foot or 10 foot cables. Available in 8 colors!

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ChargeCard Portable Phone Charger

This is the coolest portable charger I've seen yet. Small enough to fit inside his wallet, it has built-in charging cables (USB-C, lightning, micro USB) for an ultra fast charge. Works with Apple and Android devices.

Choose from wireless and wired options and a few colors.

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Gift Cards
You never go wrong with a gift card as a great gift to tuck in a stocking. It can be for a smaller amount – just enough to cover a meal at Wendy’s or a smoothie or a latte. Scan our list of the best gift card ideas for teens if you need ideas.

Stocking Stuffers for Teen Girls

I have to admit that finding great ideas stocking stuffers for teenage girls is a little easier than for boys. You could fill a stocking with beauty products alone. But I’m still always looking for the best stocking stuffer ideas of the year.

Little word project bracelets are still on fire thanks to Taylor Swift.

Hair clips and claw clips disappear constantly around my house. Christmas is a great time to stick a new pack of hair ties or a cute new claw clip in a stocking.

We keep hearing good things about these Sol de Janeiro body mists. There are several scents, but the ratings are super high and the word on the street about this body mist is that it’s amazing.

Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm Trio

This lip balm trio would be a treat for teens who are really into beauty products who will take good care of nicer makeup.

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Press-on Nails
Stop in a local beauty section to check out the collection of press-on nails. The glue holds impressively well for fun nails with a lower price tag and much less commitment.

Teen girls love having a stash of face masks on hands for spa days and sleepovers.

Bath Bombs

With so many wish lists focused on beauty and spa products, bath bombs definitely still make this year's list. It's one of those things that are great to restock as a holiday gift.

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Double-Sided Highlighter Pens

These highlighter pens are part craft, part organizational tool. One end is a super thin marker pen and the other end is a highlighter. Bring on the journals!

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Fuzzy Socks

I think the word of the year this holiday season is COMFORT. These packs of fuzzy socks come in different color combos and look adorable with slippers or boots.

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Stocking Stuffers for Teen Boys

Stocking stuffers ideas for teenage boys takes some serious creativity. But we have a list of the best stocking stuffer ideas for your teen guy. Take a look.

The wallet ninja is a nifty little tool that tucks right in a teen’s wallet – hence the name.

I’m a big fan of the Adidas body sprays for boys. Every scent my son has tried smells fresh and good without being overpowering.

With some clear warnings about when to NOT carry it, a pocket knife makes a really useful gift.

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