21 Top Holiday Tees & Totes for Teachers in 2024


Every teacher needs a cute holiday tee to make it through the last few weeks before break! We gathered our favorite holiday graphic tees for teachers. You’re sure to find a favorite in these Christmas, holiday, snow day and winter break t-shirts! 

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You can find a teacher holiday shirt for every taste and preference, so it wasn’t easy narrowing down our list! But our favorite thing about these graphic tees is that they support small businesses.

So not only is a teacher shirt a great gift idea, it’s an easy way to shop small for the Christmas holidays.

Many of the shirts are available as a short sleeve tee, a long sleeve tee, a sweatshirt or even a tank top in all kinds of colors. When you click on a link, you’ll find more details about the shirt along with a sizing chart (most are unisex sizing), production time and shipping time (usually 3-5 business days). Free shipping is offered for many of them!

Grade Level Teacher Christmas Tees

Whether you’re buying for a team of teachers or one teacher, you’ll find really cute tshirt options here!

3rd Grade Elf Squad

What teacher wouldn't want to be in this elf squad? We love the fun design! This is one of our picks for grade level tees because there are so many shirt and color options. Something for everyone!

Shirt Options: unisex, V-neck, long sleeve, sweatshirt, hoodie
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[Third] Grade

If you're looking for a grade level holiday shirt that's a little different, this is it! We love the shades of red and green and the retro vibe.

Shirt Options: unisex (direct-to-garment printing, not vinyl)
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Very Merry Fifth Grade Teacher

Love the patterned design on these grade-level tshirts! A fun design without being too busy. This shirt is made by Joy Haus, a top 1% Etsy shop!

Shirt Options: unisex and women's
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Chilling With My [4th] Grade Gnomies

Obsessed with gnomes? Or can't resist a good pun? This fun Christmas shirt is sure to bring a smile to your students' faces (and maybe the occasional eye roll).

Shirt Options: unisex, women's
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Personalized Christmas T-Shirts

You can’t go wrong with a custom Christmas shirt.

Mrs. Johnston [teacher name]

This personalized shirt is a cute nod to Rudolph. Customize with Mrs. or Miss (or whatever you need). Love that this is a little different from most of the teacher name Christmas shirts!

Shirt Options: unisex, crew neck or v-neck
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I Teach The Cutest Cookies In The Batch [teacher name]

Add the teacher's name at the bottom of this adorable raglan. The details on the cookies make this shirt stand out from the rest.

Take a look at the customer pictures of this one--even cuter in real life!

Shirt Options: unisex
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I Teach The Cutest Elves At [school name]

The best thing about this tshirt? You can add your school name! Everything else stays the same. A great option if you want to simplify the process of ordering shirts for a group.

Shirt Options: unisex short sleeve and long sleeve
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Teacher Teams and Building Staff Shirts

Holly Jolly [teacher, secretary, principal]

This clean and simple design is perfect for a teacher team or building staff. Choose any role for these festive holiday tshirts.

Shirt Options: unisex
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Preschool Crew

Preschool teachers, you hold a very special place in my heart. You are simply amazing. As a mom, I am so grateful for your impact on my boys.

And as a teacher of teens and young adults, I'm genuinely in awe. Love these teacher shirts, just for you!

Shirt Options: unisex
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Santa's Favorite [custom phrase]

Now these tees would be perfect for a small group of teachers or an entire building! You can customize and celebrate everyone's important and unique contributions. Teachers wouldn't survive without all of the work from other school employees.

Choose anything for these shirts: Santa's favorite music teacher, nurse, lunch crew, secretary, principal, coach, substitute teacher, librarian...the possibilities are endless!

Shirt Options: unisex (direct-to-garment printing, not vinyl)
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Short Sleeve Christmas Shirts for Teachers

Teaching is incredibly rewarding…but it’s a lot of hard work. Especially as the holiday season approaches. The dose of reality on these shirts will make you laugh, even if you’re barely surviving.

I'm Fine. Everything Is Fine. #teacherlife

Sometimes teachers just need to keep repeating, "I'm fine. Everything is fine." And even if you don't feel it, this tangle of lights just might make you smile.

Shirt Options: unisex sizes, crew neck, v-neck
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I Just Like To Teach

A list of Christmas shirts for teachers wouldn't be complete without this one! I love my shirts from Simply Sage Market--they're high quality and wash really well.

Shirt Options: unisex
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Merry Teacher

If you want something a little more subtle, we've got you covered. Buffalo plaid gives this pretty holiday shirt just the right amount of Christmas spirit.

I have a few shirts from Simply Sage Market. They're high quality and wash well!

Shirt Options: unisex
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I Run On Coffee and Christmas Cheer

Know a teacher who has a cup of coffee perpetually in hand? Mine is never far away! Love the touch of buffalo plaid on this cute Christmas shirt.

Shirt Options: women's
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Chaos Coordinator

If anyone deserves the title, "Chaos Coordinator," it's a teacher!

Shirt Options: unisex short sleeve
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Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve & Sweatshirt Options for Teachers

If you’re in a cold-weather state, you’ll be glad for some options with long sleeves!

Santa's Spy #TeacherLife

Teachers need all the help they can get in the weeks leading up to Christmas! Maybe this long sleeved tee will help...even just a little.

Remind your students that you have a direct line to Santa. And he's always watching.

Shirt Options: unisex (direct-to-garment printing, not vinyl)
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Teachers Always Make The Nice List

Yes they do! If anyone deserves to be on the nice list, it's a teacher. If you want to dress up these raglans, have them printed in metallic gold or metallic silver.

Shirt Options: unisex
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Merry Teacher Bright Students

I love a Christmas shirt that doesn't use traditional red and green. Grab this merry and bright design in a cozy sweatshirt or a traditional tee.

Shirt Options: unisex short sleeve, sweatshirt
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Santa's Favorite Teacher

I think I'd live in this sweatshirt for the whole Christmas season. Love the retro vibe!

This one is a great choice for middle school teachers. Would your students agree that you're Santa's favorite?

Shirt Options: unisex short sleeve and long sleeve, sweatshirt (direct-to-garment printing, not vinyl)
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Know a teacher who would laugh out loud at this holiday sweatshirt? I know a few! My brother is a math teacher and he cannot resist a good math pun.

Shirt Options: unisex
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Snow Day & Christmas Break Tees

For many teachers, humor is the best way to get through those last few weeks before break. And there’s nothing quite like a great teacher life design to unite educators from elementary to high school teachers and even college professors.

I teach college students now and believe me…a snow day tshirt has universal appeal.

I Need A Snow Day

Keep it simple and tell it like it is. I hope this shirt works its magic for you!

Shirt Options: unisex short sleeve and long sleeve
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Is It Christmas Break Yet?

It can be a slog to get through those weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas break. This is a question on everyone's minds anyway, so why not announce it?

And then start counting down the days!

Shirt Options: unisex short sleeve and long sleeve, sweatshirt
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Order yourself one of these funny teacher Christmas shirts and wear it with pride! Or give one as an early Christmas gift to a favorite teacher so they have time to wear it!

Bonus: Holiday Tote Bags for Teachers

Sometimes the best gift is a really practical one, and tote bags are always useful. And they don’t require size charts! If you have other special gifts for your teacher, save time and use the tote instead of wrapping paper.

Christmas Initial Tote

What teacher wouldn't love a festive tote for the holidays? This is a great design for a high school or middle school teacher.

Customiize these tote bags with their last name for a practical and personalized gift!

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