Top 10 Things You’ve Never Searched on Pinterest (But Should)


We love Pinterest and use it just like Google! We often prefer a Pinterest search because the result is a more visual search with beautiful images that can be scanned quickly. You’ve probably used Pinterest to search for recipes, home decor and birthday themes, but we think you should create some new Pinterest boards based on the search ideas below!

1. Parenting Tweens and Teens: Pinterest is a gold mine for baby shower ideas, nursery inspiration and surviving the terrible twos. But it also has a wealth of informational articles and helpful advice for navigating those tween and teenage years with your kids.

2. Book Lists: If you rely on word of mouth and suggestions for new books from friends, you may be not be exposed to books or genres you’d enjoy. Do a search for “must read books” or “book list for women” or “2019 reading challenge” and try something new!

3. Screen-Free Activities: Whether you’d like to challenge yourself to a screen-free week or just want some suggestions ready when those “I’m so bored! There’s nothing else to do if we can’t use a screen!” objections come, Pinterest has great lists of ideas for school-age kids, middle schoolers and teenagers.

4. College Planning: Preparing for college can be pretty overwhelming, and we know parents often start worrying about it when kids are in elementary and middle school. Search for college scholarships, application tips, test taking strategies, college dorm essentials, etc. and you’ll feel more informed and organized.

5. Raising Kids Who Are … : Fill in the blank with a value you want to instill or a character trait you’d like to develop, and you’ll be amazed at the resources available. Some searches we’ve done include grateful, resilient, motivated, helpful and responsible.

6. Travel Destination Tips: Search for the best rides at a specific amusement park, unique B&Bs in small towns across the US, a national parks road trip guide or various travel hacks (cheapest plane tickets, traveling internationally with kids, packing tips). You’re pretty much guaranteed to find someone who’s been there and has some travel-tested advice to share.

7. Inspirational Quotes: Who doesn’t love a good quote? And what better place than a Pinterest board full of your favorite quotes? We do a “Sunday saying” every week on Instagram and most of the time, we found those quotes on Pinterest. We’ve searched for the best quotes from superhero movies, classic novels, 90s songs, world leaders and more.

8. Extra Income: If you’re searching for ways to make some extra money on the side, Pinterest is definitely the place to look for side hustle ideas. You can find out how to turn your hobby into an Etsy store, become a virtual assistant so you an work from home, rent part of your home on Airbnb, find freelance writing jobs and more.

9. Volunteer Ideas: As you might expect, this is one of our favorites! We are always looking for fun and unique ways to volunteer with friends, other couples or our families. You can find everything from ideas lists to specific causes to opportunities in a specific city.

    10. For Beginners: We love trying new things and there are plenty of people eager to share their expertise. If you’ve always wanted a garden but plants tend to die on your watch, search for herb or container gardens to get started. Other ideas include yoga, sewing, blogging, clean eating, photography and budgeting.

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