SALT effect


When people ask us what
SALT effect is, we tell them: 
"We help busy moms hit reset and build strong and happy families."


"We help busy moms redefine what it really looks like to have it all."


“We both hit a point where we were totally over life on the hamster wheel, so we made tough changes.

We traded jobs that stressed us out for careers with more flexibility. Lives of frazzled busyness for schedules we lovingly refer to as chaos under control. A bunch of well-intentioned ”shoulds” for things we actually cross off our to-do list.”

We’re Kristie Sigler and Mary Sterenberg. When we’re not working on SALT effect, we spend our days teaching college students to write and speak. As you can probably guess, our sweet spot falls squarely in teaching and building relationships.

We hear from so many moms that they’re too busy, don’t have enough downtime with their family and struggle to keep up with perpetual task lists at both work and home. We’re often labeled as super moms or the moms who somehow get it all done. It’s not magic – but it is strategic and intentional. Everything we do helps moms figure out how to ditch life in survival mode.

Between our two families, we have four jobs, five kids and two dogs. We have decades of experience in teaching and communication – and in being wives and moms.

When we’re not teaching, we read and write. Kristie published the textbook Persuasive Communication and does lesson planning and copyediting consulting with companies like McGraw Hill and the EPA. Mary authored the textbook Write Like a PR Pro and freelances for Columbus CEO and Cardinal Health.

That’s the scoop on our professional life.

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Top 5 Fun Facts About Kristie

  1. She’s the only female in a house full of boys and works hard to make sure her house doesn't smell like a locker room.
  2. She married her high school sweetheart, Ken, and they have two very active boys, ages 12 and 10. And a rambunctious golden retriever and a rescue pup (yep, she's crazy!).
  3. Her sense of humor and her faith are her top survival skills.
  4. She's an avid Ohio State and Cleveland sports fan.
  5. She loves great local restaurants like Harvest Pizzeria and Brassica (some might call her a food snob) and spending time with all her boys in the mountains.
Sigler Family

 Top 5 Fun Facts About Mary

  1. She’s worn a Batman T-shirt with a yellow tutu and dressed as Rey from Star Wars for the last two mother-son dances, so she's clearly all-in no matter what she's doing.
  2. She and her husband Jon met in college and have three kids who want to say "yes" to every activity ever offered: boys ages 11 and 8, and a 6-year-old girl.
  3. She's fueled by her faith, a good laugh and Diet Coke.
  4. She’s a runner (one and done on a full marathon in case you’re wondering) and a reader (as in don’t give her a book if you want to see her for the next two days)
  5. She loves to travel - with her husband, with her kids and with her friends - and will always choose to be outside if it's an option.

Sterenberg Family