Top 10 Ways Moms Can Benefit From A Webinar


Maybe you’ve never attended a webinar, so you’re not sure it would be worth your time. Or maybe you’ve attended webinars for work, but have never thought about signing up for one that’s not related to your job or career. I had those same objections before I really understood the value of a webinar for personal growth or development. A webinar provides a unique and valuable way to learn something new–here are 10 ways busy moms can benefit!

1. You don’t have to leave your comfy chair to attend.

It really doesn’t get much easier than that.

2. You can watch in your pjs with a pint of ice cream or glass of wine and nobody knows.

If this doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what else will!

3. A webinar packs a lot of great information into a short period of time.

It’s usually one hour of your time. That’s it. You have 168 hours every week, so I know you can devote 1 of them to learn about something that can benefit you or your family.

4. When you put a webinar time on your calendar, you’ll keep that commitment to yourself.

If it goes on the calendar, it’s going to happen, right? But even if you hit a snag at the last minute, you’ll likely get a replay of the webinar so you can watch it later. Even if you’re not sure the times will work for you, get registered and do your best. Then watch the replay if it doesn’t work out.

5. You can connect with and be encouraged by other like-minded people.

You’re guaranteed to have something in common with the other people attending–there’s a reason you’re all there to learn. It can be a quick glimpse of a supportive community of people.

6. You can find out if the host is someone you really like and trust before you invest in what they have to offer.

You’re going to get the best of what the host has to offer in a webinar. It takes a long time to prepare a webinar and the goal is to offer as much value as possible, so you’ll gain some insight about the host that you wouldn’t otherwise get.

7. Even if you never buy anything from the host, you’ll walk away with ideas you can put into action right away.

As I just mentioned, the goal is to offer great value to the people who come to the webinar. Hosts know everyone is busy, so your time is going to be worthwhile.

8. You’ll find out that you’re not alone in whatever you’re dealing with–if you were, there’d be no need for that webinar.

This is a big one! If you’re feeling like you’re the only mom who is struggling in a particular area, you’ll quickly find out you’re not the only one. And that alone can be incredibly reassuring.

9. It takes less time than reading a book.

I love to read, but it’s not always feasible to get through the latest book very quickly, especially if it’s nonfiction and along the lines of a self-help book. This takes one hour and then you’re done.

10. You’re more likely to follow through on the tips and strategies than if you listened to a podcast or audiobook.

We listen to podcasts and audiobooks all the time on various topics–parenting, business, faith, etc. But most of the time I’m listening in the car and I can’t take notes. I get inspired and then don’t follow through on what I heard. A webinar gives you the benefit of listening and watching, while also taking action.

Did I convince you to register for a webinar? I hope so! We’d love to have you join our webinar because we know it will help moms who want to build strong families and make these busy years their best years! Click this link or the picture below: The 3 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets To Being Busy Without Living In Survival Mode.

The 3 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets To Being Busy Without Living In Survival Mode - SALT effect webinar for busy moms

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