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7 Simple Ways to Show Your Teacher Appreciation

7 Simple Ways to Show Your Teacher Appreciation

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Teachers are facing the toughest year of their careers. They're sad, overwhelmed, name it. They love their jobs and their students, and no matter what this year looks like, they want to do their best. But we know they need lots of support and encouragement to figure things out and make it work. If we want the best for our kids this year, we need to give our best to their teachers. Here are a few ideas!

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1. Write an encouraging email.

This will take you very little time and will be a bright spot in a teacher's inbox that's flooded with school reopening plans and changes. Put an emoji in the subject line so it stands out!

Subject: My favorite teachersūüôĆ

2. Send a card. Better yet, have your kids send the card!

Mary and I save every single card we get from students and colleagues because they mean so much to us. Don't ever underestimate the impact of an encouraging card in the mail.

3. Write a social media post that supports teachers.

Many of our teacher friends are avoiding social media because there's so much negativity. Talk about a teacher's influence on you or your kids, share an inspirational quote about teachers or just encourage people to be supportive of teachers--because that will help all our kids.

4. Send a Tangibles kit.

We're collaborating with Tangibles on a kit of our own (coming soon!) but she has several to choose from that we know teachers will love. "One kit = 5 simple, powerful, encouraging messages centered around a similar theme. Stick each tangible where you'll read its message every day!"

  tangible the teacher kittangibles the gratitude kit

5. Email a gift card.

It's so easy to send gift cards via email, and what teacher wouldn't love to see a gift card from Amazon for teaching-from-home supplies, Starbucks or a local coffee shop for a caffeine fix or Etsy for a fun graphic tee or notebook?

Amazon Gift Card  Starbucks Gift Card  Etsy Gift Card

6. Deliver some local treats to school.

If your teachers are remote but have to be in their classrooms, check with the office staff about delivering donuts or cookies. Ask a few other parents to pitch in and order sandwiches from Costco or a local grocery store.

7. Send them a succulent (because this year kinda succs¬†ūüėČ)

Science tells us that nature helps relieve stress--even pictures help! Brighten a teacher's desk with a few succulents that can survive just about anything (kind of like our teachers right now). Or ship an order of 25 small plants to the school if teachers are in the building so everyone can have one!

25-pack of succulents 6 pack succulents




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